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There is something under the bed and it can't wait to turn your dreams into nightmares.

The Last Breath


Following a young woman on her last day on Earth.

Phoenix teaser

Phoenix, a SciFi story in the dystopian present.

Horror brings joy!


This TV spot was nominated for the best seasonal spot on Promax Europe. Being amongst the five best of the continent on a shoestring budget is a real achievement.

Good, old Sci-fi...


This might not be the suit that contains Sandra Bullock but this little Sci-fi scene brings a good amount of excitement in this clip based TV promo.

TV ad, Hungary vs Canada ice hockey game


The difference between the two nations in hockey is the clear message here. Hungary won nothing but our respect and our hearts. Don't judge by the resolution of this version! It was truly a joy to work on this high-quality spot.

The Planet of bananas!


A little twist on the Planet of the Apes pantheon... 

House MD


A revolutionary series from the times when TV series weren't appreciated, for a reason. This animated short is a tribute to the good (???) doctor and picked up a Media Award in Hungary for its unique point of view.

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