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I have more than ten years experience in the broadcasting industry as a Creative Producer and Editor. I am a silver winner of Promax UK and Nominated for Promax Europe 2017 & World 2018.

I have strong experience in pitching, creating promo campaigns and directing shoots editing spots on Premiere Pro, Final Cut & Avid.

A fantastic challenge for Epic. Modern, stylish twist on period dramas.

Nominated for The Best Holiday Spot in Europe, Promax. Directed & edited by me.

A channel showreel for a new brand, Epic. Classic, high-quality, high-intense dramas.

Fascinating project for a sci-fi weekend, on a shoestring budget. Worked on it as a Creative & Director.

Speaking of fun... we did love making this Planet of the Apes films promo with loads of technical finesse. Directed & Edited by me.

Okay, so we went seriously nuts here. Milla Jovovich like you have never seen before! Worked on it as a Creative & Editor.

What's the goal of Alice in Resident Evil? Stayin' alive... So I came up with this mash-up and it works pretty neatly. Edited by me.

If the grim character of House was directed by Tim Burton.

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